Overview: is a privately owned Bulgarian company. has its primary focus on the pink sheets market tier. publishes articles about the most current and remarkable events on the pink sheets market. It aims to provide useful and unbiased information, so that investors can make informed decisions. We are experienced in the field of renewable energy stocks, bio-tech stocks, oil stocks and internet stocks.

Our mission is to become one of the world's most renowned sources of information about pink sheets.  To achieve this, we bring forth company profiles, which are created as impartially as possible. We also keep our members informed by automatic e-mail updates containing the most current and accurate information available to the market.

In order to fulfill our mission, we have gathered a team of resourceful financial reporters. In addition we have developed a system to assits us in analyzing companies and publishing research reports. is not an “assembly line” for scheduled publishing. We release issues whenever  we are able to procure accurate information about companies that we feel will generate the kind of returns our members are looking for. Pink sheets are among the riskiest investments to put your money in. Therefore, investors should be completely prepared to lose a significant part of their money or even all of it.

Please refer to our disclaimer for more information. We hope you find both informative and financially rewarding.