Our Contributors


Kaloyan Nikolaev Gadzhev

Financial Columnist / Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Kaloyan has a predominantly psychological background, but has always been fascinated by the might of the global stock exchanges. The psychological nature of certain patterns in the behavior of the stock market were the basic reason for his interest in this field. The opportunity to learn some of the practices involved in operating on the stock market, and the insights about the underlying situations, have proven to be powerful motivators for his further development in this area.


Martin Marinov Tsvetkov

Financial columnist / Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Martin started his career in the field of international trade in 2007. Both his Bachelor's degree in International Economic Relations and Master's degree in Foreign Trade provided him with a thorough grounding in economics and finance. As a reporter for he is utilizing his knowledge and expertise in order to provide prospective investors with objective stock market information.


Gediminas Jaisionis

Financial columnist / Kaunas, Lithuania

Gediminas scans the Micro Cap world in hopes of finding interesting penny stocks that may greatly contribute to investors. Holding a bachelor degree in economics and accounting, he puts his knowledge in action when analyzing the performance of various companies to evaluate their future perspectives. With a few other members of Hotstocked, Gediminas is also responsible for the research section of the website


Robert Pench

Author / New Canaan, CT

Robert has been investing in Penny Stocks since 1963. He is a passionate writer on the topic.