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Cascadia Investments, Inc. (CDIV.PK) – the blurring Internet content

Cascadia Investments, Inc. (CDIV.PK) – Profile I was impressed by the information published from my colleagues about Cascadia Investments, Inc. and I decided to find out more details about the company, the business – products, markets, prospects for future growth, financial status. Similar to the each investor thinking before buying shares my first step was to visit CDIV’s webpage in order to receive general information about the business and products... more

International Development and Environmental Holdings (IDEH.OB) Expensive Campaign Escalates The Stock Price

LAst Firday, the trading volume of International Development and Environmental Holdings (OTC:IDEH) surged up reaching 1.5 million shares. The same day the stock lost 1.45% of its value and finished at $0.068. Starting from Friday, several promoters picked up IDEH as their "monster pick", initiating a massive campaign to boost the stock price. Two of the promoters admitted that they have been compensated $350 thousand and $300 thousand respectively for a one-week of their advertising services. In the light... more

mCig, Inc. (OTCMKTS:MCIG) Remains A Volatile Investment

After several day drops on their stock price, mCig, Inc. (OTCMKTS:MCIG) finally managed to escape the red. Their last session closed at $0.71, up 18.53% from the previous day, with dollar volume of 6.63 million. This almost recouped the ground the company had given since their initial descent on April 2 (they closed then at $0.73). But how long will their rise last, that is the question? MCIG investors have both had reason to rejoice and to fear, because the company remains extremely volatile in share... more

MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. Makes A Phenomenal Price Move

MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. (MOPN.PK) made a phenomenal price jump on the market. After being down for 6 months, MOPN's stocks raised their price remarkably. Last week the company gained over 100%, after its stocks ran up from $0.09 to $0.19 for 1 day! When analyzing the chart, we can see that MOP Environmental Solutions, Inc. had earlier market losses. But after being designated as a resource by both British Petroleum (BP) and the United States Coast Guard to assist for the clean up efforts... more

Pacific Gold Corp. (PCFG.PK) Manages To Go Up On The Back Of No Updates

Last Friday the share price of Pacific Gold Corp. (PINK:PCFG) increased by 19%, the highest gain since November, closing at $0.034. The volume, on the other hand, shot up to the dizzy heights it had reached six weeks ago, eventually going beyond the 7.75 million marks or 172% more than the average volume. At the very beginning of 2011, i.e on Jan. 3 PCFG issued an announcement that it had ordered a special piece of equipment that would improve the production process by reducing both production time... more

Restructure Brings MMRGlobal, Inc. (MMRF.OB) Higher On The Pink Sheets Quotes

Just a week ago, MMRGlobal Inc (OTC:MMRF) scored an immense surge in its trading volume reaching almost 1.6 million shares. At the same time, MMRF stock price followed the surge and increased by 18.42%. This activity subdued for a while until yesterday another notable increase in the trading volume occurred, although not of the same size. On Monday, the number of traded shares of MMRF reached 530 thousand while the stock price remained unchanged at $0.085. Last week's exaltation of MMRF stock was foreshadowed... more

Reverse Takeover Replenishes Green Star Energies Inc. (GSRE.PK)

Yesterday, Green Star Energies Inc. (PINK:GSRE) went through a substantial change in its share price. Then, GSRE stock appreciated by 188% and jumped from $0.0009 to $0.0026 per share. Compared with the average volume of 4 million, yesterday's trading volume of 107 million represents a staggering 2500% increase. The change in GSRE stock price and volume was so blatant that one cannot help asking what the reason for this unusual activity is. Officially, the news page of GSRE on the OTC bulletin... more

SEC Halts The Charade Of Supatcha Resources Inc. (SAEI.OB)

The saga with Supatcha Resources Inc. (OTC:SAEIE) came to a halt last Friday, when the SEC suspended the trading of SAEI securities on the open market. The reason for the caveat emptor mark was the suspicion which SAEI raised about "the accuracy and adequacy of publicly disseminated information concerning, among other things, a geological report concerning the company's mining prospects in Ukraine and a purported tender offer for the company's outstanding shares." The first indications of a foul... more

Sub-Penny Stocks: Shadow Hangs Over The Image Of Highline Technical Innovations. Inc. (HLNT.PK)

Highline Technical Innovations. Inc. (PINK:HLNT) surged up on an increased volume yesterday. The price of HLNT stock went up by 40%, while volume doubled up its average value and reached more than 24 million shares, 27% of which were short sales. At the end of the day HLNT shares have reached a price of $0.0058. The upward move of HLNT is piratically unexplainable because the company has been keeping a closed doors policy for some time now. The last time HLNT spoke, was in the beginning of December... more

Sub-Penny Stocks: The Enigmas Of Trend Exploration, Inc. (TRDX.PK)

This month, it appears that Trend Exploration, Inc. (PINK:TRDX) has decided to ignore the fact that its finances are adamantly deteriorating, and got involved in a massive paid promotion. The first wave of promotional letters hit investors' e-mails on Jan. 04, and took a major part in the outstanding performance of TRDX stock on the following day. The second promotional wave started yesterday and its effect is yet to be seen. In summary, the first wave of promotions in the beginning of the month... more
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