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Changing Technologies, Inc. (CHGT) Climbs Up On Service Offering

Changing Technologies, Inc. (CHGT) has been going up in the last few sessions after the company unveiled its “state-of-the-art” online retail portal. CHGT issued a press release on October 28, announcing the company will be providing customized on-demand 3D printing. The service is being offered to save time from waiting for original equipment manufacturer replacement parts. The platform developed by interactive software developer Advarion, Inc. for CHGT subsidiary 6th Dimension Technologies,... more

CannaVEST, Corp. (CANV) Back On The Right Track

After a couple of corrections, CannaVEST, Corp. (CANV) has started to slowly make its way back up. Yesterday, the company made a step in the right direction, closing at the $3.30 mark on a volume of 155,875 shares of common stock trading hands. The last few weeks have seen a good volume for the ticker, as CANV stock surpassed the 100 thousand share mark in most sessions. Yesterday's move up may be attributed to the latest news the company gave on its ongoing development. CannaVEST issued a press... more

ML Capital Group, Inc. (MLCG) Gears Up After Exhibition

ML Capital Group, Inc. (MLCG) recently participated at an exhibitor at the first annual Vapor Dynasty Expo, also referred to as the Electronic Cigarette Expo, that was held in Phoenix, Arizona from October 24 to October 26. The event featured over 150 companies from all parts of the world. MLCG sought this opportunity to better acquaint people with its marijuana based products and establish a name for itself in the sector. After the event took place, MLCG stock had an initial leap of 20% up the charts,... more

Elray Resources, Inc. (ELRA) Soars On Positive Financial News

Elray Resources, Inc. (ELRA) spiked by an astounding 337.5% in price in yesterday's session on a record volume of 486,213,801 shares trading hands. The company's success came about after a press release announced that one of its JV Licensed Live Dealer Casino Facilities located in Manila has surpassed $10 million in wagering for the month of October already. The news was accepted with great enthusiasm, judging by the performance of ELRA stock in yesterday's session. The ticker reemerged on the scene... more

Vapor Group, Inc. (VPOR) Amends Agreement. Gives Optimistic Update

Yesterday, Vapor Group, Inc. (VPOR) amended a securities purchase agreement it had previously entered into with an entity by the name of Magna Equities II, LLC. The deal was for four senior convertible promissory notes in the aggregate principal amount of $1,342,391. Pursuant to a side letter agreement, the two companies agreed to allocate the prepayment of the convertible note with a purchase price of $480 thousand. An amendment was also made to the conversion price of the notes. The conversion... more

MyECheck, Inc. (MYEC) Looks To Uplist

MyECheck, Inc. (MYEC) filed a form 10 with the SEC yesterday. The company elaborated that the reason for filing the document known as the general form for registration of securities was to proceed with its goal of becoming a fully reporting company and uplist on a more senior stock exchange. As a current pink tier, MYEC will have to register its class of common stock, sort out its filings, and assure the SEC that it provides the required transparency for a higher tier company. The news attracted... more

Sanomedics International Holdings, Inc. (SIMH) Corrects Again

Sanomedics International Holdings, Inc. (SIMH) started the trading week with the latest in many hesitations over the past few weeks. The ticker shed 24% from the price of SIMH stock, closing at $0.041. The penny stock dropped under the 10 million share volume, making yesterday's session one of the least successful in recent weeks. SIMH's decline can be attributed to an amendment the company made to a deal it previously entered into on December 31, 2013. Sanomedics International Holdings amended a $1 million... more

Neutra, Corp. (NTRR) Spikes On Announcing New Product

Neutra, Corp. (NTRR) has been among the very proactive penny stocks in the past few weeks. The company took up a number of ventures which elevated NTRR stock and helped the ticker register a few recent climbs. Perhaps the biggest improvement for the penny stock came late last week when Neutra introduced a new addition to its product line - the diamond anvil vapor pen. NTRR made the announcement mid-session on Thursday and went on to gather a good deal of momentum throughout the trading session. The next... more

Interest On Agritek Holdings, Inc. (AGTK) Declines

Agritek Holdings, Inc. (AGTK) climbed the charts throughout the week after the company issued a press release, announcing the execution of the first long term lease agreements with licensed tenants. AGTK approved the first of such agreements on behalf of licensed growers for the agricultural facility in Pueblo, Colorado. The leases will allow licensed cultivation tenants to utilize 40 acres of the area operated by the company. Agritek Holdings also announced entering into negotiations for a $10 million... more

BlueFire Renewables, Inc. (BFRE) Soars On Secured Loan

BlueFire Renewables, Inc. (BFRE) made an announcement yesterday that shot BFRE stock up the charts. The company issued a press release, disclosing it had received a loan of $270 million from The Export Import Bank of China for financing a bio-energy project. The ticker soared by 307.77% in price to make an improvement of over four times in the price of BFRE stock. BFRE stock made the jump at a volume of 7.6 million shares trading hands on a trade value of $228.71 thousand. The loan was given due to the increased... more
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