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Cocrystal Pharma, Inc. (COCP) Gets Investors On Board With Medical Breakthrough

Cocrystal Pharma, Inc. (COCP) issued a press release yesterday, announcing the company had developed Ebola screening technology for inhibitors of a key essential Ebola virus gene product. Dr. Roger Kornberg, COCP chief scientist, elaborated on the implementation of this screening methodology for identifying inhibitors. Cocrystal Pharma registered a much higher volume than usual in yesterday's session. 1,282,870 shares of COCP stock traded hands on a trade value of $605,320. The ticker climbed by 9.09%... more

Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) Climbs Further Up

Medical Marijuana, Inc. (MJNA) has been going up the charts in the last few sessions after the company published a few news items. The latest input from MJNA was a press release from October 21, talking about the recent exposure the company had. Medical Marijuana was featured in a report made by Yahoo! Finance titled “The big trend in medical marijuana: products that don’t get you high“. MJNA's portfolio company HemdMeds™ and its hemp oil products were featured in the report. Another... more

OSL Holdings, Inc. (OSLH) Spikes Upon Completing Acquisition

Yesterday, OSL Holdings, Inc. (OSLH) announced the company had completed the acquisition of Go Green Hydroponics, Inc., a private entity specializing in the sale of hydroponic cultivation equipment, mineral nutrient solutions and gardening resources and equipment from Los Angeles, California. OSLH completed the acquisition for the price of $1.8 million. As stated by the company, the sum was paid through a debt financing transaction in the amount of $1.9 million OSLH entered into. Although there have... more

InVivo Therapeutics Holdings, Corp. (NVIV) Approaches The $1.00 Mark

InVivo Therapeutics Holdings, Corp. (NVIV) made a couple of announcements in the past week that got the ticker back on the right track. NVIV ended yesterday's session at $0.9596, making for a 91.92% increase in the price of stock over the last trading week. The company had its best market day in a while on October 15 when NVIV stock gained 42% in price on a volume of over 3.7 million shares exchanging ownership. On that day, InVivo Therapeutics Holdings issued a press release, announcing its first... more

HyperSolar, Inc. (HYSR) Soars On Technological Breakthrough

HyperSolar, Inc. (HYSR) spiked yesterday after the company made an announcement that triggered a positive market reaction. HYSR issued a press release in which the company announced it has successfully developed a novel system architecture which can be used to efficiently separate and produce renewable pure hydrogen from sunlight and air. The technological achievement of HyperSolar was dubbed as a “breakthrough” by the company and the market reaction to this announcement proved it to be of relevant... more

Cannabis Kinetics, Corp. (CANK) Back On The Radar

After a couple of weeks of low trading volume, Cannabis Kinetics, Corp. (CANK) got back among the more highly traded OTC penny stocks. CANK regained its position upon signing a definitive agreement to purchase all of the operating assets of a company called The Big Tomato. The deal was in the works for about a month. The letter of intent for the acquisition was signed on September 17 and later amended on October 2. An 8-K was received on October 8 by the SEC, detailing the terms of the merger agreement.... more

Vuzix, Corp. (VUZI) Corrects Immediately After Improvement

Vuzix, Corp. (VUZI) bounced up the charts on Friday after the company announced that SAP has launched two enterprise applications that support the company's Vuzix M100 smart glasses. The augmented reality applications are called SAP® AR Warehouse Picker and SAP® AR Service Technician. This announcement propelled VUZI stock up, as the ticker closed at the $3.00 mark in the last trading day of the week, gaining $0.26 in price. On Monday, however, VUZI immediately went through a correction,... more

Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc. (EKSO) Spikes On Positive Publicity

Ekso Bionics Holdings, Inc. (EKSO) managed to pick up momentum last week. On Wednesday, the company announced engaging in a humanitarian venture for aiding in the rehabilitation process of war veterans. EKSO issued a press release on October 15, announcing the company had received an order from the Jesse Brown VA Medical Center in Chicago for three of the Ekso GT™ robotic exoskeletons. The exoskeletons will be used in general neuro rehabilitation procedures. Seeing as there have been eight... more

Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. (CEGX) Climbs On Project Update

Cardinal Energy Group, Inc. (CEGX) got back in the green last Thursday after a few sharp corrections. CEGX stock has been rather volatile as of late, bouncing up and down for no apparent reason. Can the progress the company recently reported get it on the right track long term? Although penny stocks' movements are usually hard to predict, getting a better look at CEGX's recent venture initiatives could help set the bar for the expectations on the company's future. The press release that came out just... more

AccelPath, Inc. (ACLP) Enters Into Toxic Financing

Yesterday, AccelPath, Inc. (ACLP) filed an 8-K with the SEC, announcing the company had entered into a securities purchase agreement with an entity called Village Tea Distributors, Inc. Under the agreement, ACLP will purchase 70% of the company's common stock and all of its series A preferred stock, thus making it a majority-owned subsidiary of AccelPath. To finance the agreement, ACLP agreed to issue a newly designed series of convertible preferred stock to the seller. AccelPath will issue an aggregate... more
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