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Omagine, Inc. (OMAG) Continues Making Ground

Omagine, Inc. (OMAG) burst onto the scene on October 2 with the announcement that the company has signed a development agreement with the government of the sultanate of Oman, called the Omagine Project. The deal is for the design, development and operation of a tourism and real-estate project in Oman. The Omagine Project is estimated to cost approximately $2.5 billion to be designed, developed and constructed. OMAG stock has been very active in the charts ever since announcing this venture. On the day the announcement... more

Pershing Gold, Corp. (PGLC) Receives Recognition

A press release from October 6 informed investors that Pershing Gold, Corp. (PGLC) has received approval to start mining at Relief Canyon in Pershing County, Nevada. The permit was described as a “landmark” for PGLC by the company's CEO and chairman Mr. Stephen D. Alfers, as there have been no mining operations conducted at the Relief Canyon since 1989. PGLC stock went slightly up the charts in price after the announcement came out. It was not until yesterday, however, that the company... more

HII Technologies, Inc. (HIIT) Back In The Green

HII Technologies, Inc. (HIIT) got back in the green yesterday after the company submitted an amended 8-K/A for an acquisition entered into on August 12. The initial report was submitted on August 15. With the amendment, HIIT set forth the terms of the deal in full for each aspect. The updated disclosure reignited the interest in HIIT stock, as the ticker gained $0.09 in price, closing at $1.10. The complete terms of the acquisition deal for all of the outstanding stock of Hamilton Investment Group,... more

ChromaDex, Corp. (CDXC) Finally Gets Investors' Attention

ChromaDex, Corp. (CDXC) has been putting on an effort for a while to attract more people on board. After a series of announcements in the last week, CDXC finally managed to get a measure of interest, as there was a significant increase in volume for the company. CDXC stock traded at a volume of 435.2 thousand yesterday which is the highest value in over six months' time. The latest news that put ChromaDex on the radar was related to the company getting a greater exposure. CDXC announced the schedule... more

GEI Global Energy, Corp. (GEIG) Crashes On High Volume

GEI Global Energy, Corp. (GEIG) ended last week with an exclamation mark, closing at $0.0017 after a 41.67% increase in price. This week, however, the ticker crashed in the first two sessions. After losing nearly 53% in price, GEIG stock ended up in the triple zeros at $0.0008 per common stock. The trade numbers from this week stand out. After some rather mild rate on the market, GEIG registered much a higher trade count in the last couple of days, with a volume of 173.7 million on Monday on a trade... more

Neutra, Corp. (NTRR) Takes Up The Initiative In Joint Venture

Neutra, Corp. (NTRR) has had a good run with the recent development of its joint venture in partnership with Vertigo Technologies, Inc. Last week saw NTRR make a huge leap that helped the company increase the price of its stock more than twice. On Friday, the penny stock closed at $0.23 on a volume of over 1 million shares trading hands. A sharp correction of 13% on Monday brought NTRR near the $0.20 mark, as the company did not start the week on a good note. The reason for interest on NTRR to fade... more

NuState Energy Holdings, Inc. (NSEH) Fails To Complete Pending Deal On Time

NuState Energy Holdings, Inc. (NSEH) was scheduled to complete negotiations on the sale of a majority interest in the company yesterday. NSEH filed an 8-K with the SEC on October 1, disclosing that the company plans on restructuring its existing agreement with C.K. Williams, Jr. The agreement, which was entered into in August, was for 2 billion shares of common stock and a majority stake in NSEH for the price of $1 million. A previous 8-K report from September 18 announced the consent of a majority... more

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (KBLB) Secures $7,5 Million Toxic Financing

On Friday, Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (KBLB) filed an 8-K with the SEC, announcing the company had entered into a letter of agreement for a $7,5 million line of equity financing with Calm Seas Capital, LLC. The deal is for a 24-month period. The terms for KBLB make it a high risk financing deal, as there may be infinite dilution for the venture's stock. To break things down, here is a summary of the conditions set forth in the agreement. KBLB agreed on a purchase price of 80% of the lowest... more

Stevia First, Corp. (STVF) Goes Up After Announcing $1,47 Million Financing

Stevia First, Corp. (STVF) started the month with an announcement that propelled the company's stock to a stable climb. Before the opening bell on October 1, STVF issued a press release, informing investors of the results from a conversion offer that was announced back on September 9 in an 8-K filing. After all participants reportedly accepted the conversion offer of series C warrants, STVF raised $1,47 million in net proceeds. In the last two sessions, STVF added $0.03 to its share price in each... more

GeoVax Labs, Inc. (GOVX) Spikes After Announcing Major Vaccine Development

GeoVax Labs, Inc. (GOVX) shot up by 70.62% in price on a volume of over 1,2 million shares trading hands in yesterday's session. GOVX's success came about after the company issued a press release just prior to the opening bell. The venture announced it had initiated a development program for the creation of an Ebola vaccine. The pandemic that started a few months ago in Africa is the biggest outbreak of the disease since it was first discovered in 1976. For this reason, many companies from the medical... more
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