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By Peter Hristov
Apr 13, 2011

Allied Security Innovations, Inc. (ADSV.PK) Hits The Gain

ADSV chart.pngAllied Security Innovations, Inc. (PINK:ADSV) soared 20% to $0.0024 on a trade alert from OTC Tip Reporter. Trading volume reached nearly 52 million shares which is 4 times higher than the 90-day average.

The company filed a federal lawsuit against Erik Hoffer in February this year. ADSV claims that the latter deliberately published false statements about ADSV's financial position. Since then, the only updates from the company were based on the lawsuit. Therefore, the true reason why ADSV managed to climb from $0.0002 to $0.002 is not very clear at this stage.

ADSV logo.jpgYesterday, for example, a trade alert from OTC Tip reporter was detected by the Hotstocked promotion section suggesting ADSV could turn into a momentum play. Unfortunately, it is not possible to estimate if the alert could have influenced the trading session. OTC Tip Reporter did not receive compensation for including ADSV in the watch-list for Wednesday.

What is most curious about this company is its market cap of only 280 thousand, according to Google Finance, and as to OTC markets its only $55 thousand. At the same time the last unofficial report of ADSV shows more than $700 thousand in assets. One could easily conclude from this that one of the two figures is unrealistic.

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Guest wrote: 2:37 pm Apr 13, 2011
Guest wrote: 7:49 pm Apr 16, 2011
Outcome of suit will be decided Monday the 18th. P/E with a settlement as high as 100 million puts it at .2 or
more. (that's not a typo). A Measley 10 mil settlement puts at at .02 Count on somewhere in between.