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By Ekaterina Zelenkova
Jun 03, 2011

Cerro Dorado Inc. (PINK:CDCH) Stock- Cherished Again, Not Known For How Long

CDCH_price chart.jpgA recent “shareholder update” made possible Cerro Dorado Inc. (PINK:CDCH) stock be cherished again. In a day time, CDCH surged 18.58% to close at $0.134 per share.

Almost the same scenario of shares' performance was seen at the end of March, when the company released that received the written documentation for the first tranche of funds, indispensable to complete the initial part of the Joint Venture Agreement (JVA).

Company's managers promised, that 30 days after the receipt of verifiable funds, will announce an annual general meeting of shareholders. The update is published only on company's website.

This was the main reason shares of Cerro Dorado Inc. to jump up 34.53% in a colossal for the stock trading volume in millions, with no matter that in the post there was no information who are the interested parties in the JVA and to what extend it is related to company's Alto De Lipangue Project.

Since Yesterday, on the corporate website is posted the next in row announcement related to a JVA. Maybe, investor knew that this is the same JVA with the same company's partners and the stock rush came with no delay. The delay was only in the still pending “first of the scheduled tranches of funding payable to the respective land owners of the Minera Alto de Lipangue Limitada project in Chile”.

CDCH_from the site.pngAlthough now, at least the project's name is mentioned, shares price succeeded to run up less than few months ago.

After the trading session yesterday, remained only the stupendous trading volume of more than 1.4 million shares and a hope.

This is the hope that the last sentence of company's statement form yesterday may be seen by as much investor, who had long term plans towards shares of Cerro Dorado Inc.: “The fact that the Company may finally be closing in on an “elusive” JVA funding deal an AGM is anticipated in the near future”.

Cerro Dorado Inc. is a mining exploration and development company with main focus on mineral properties in Chile. CDCH is not a SEC reporting company. As of today, the listed on the “OTC Pink No Information” tier Cerro Dorado Inc., has no any disclosures done on the designated sections. There, no financial reports have been posted for CDCH nor even news, related to the company's JVA.

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