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By Ekaterina Zelenkova
Jun 02, 2011

Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (PINK:LEHMQ) Stock Spikes On Stock Alerts And News About Rumours

LEHQM_price chart.jpgThese days, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. (PINK:LEHMQ) stock presents unusual activity on no any recent official disclosure from the company.

Looks, the high appreciation of investor towards LEHMQ is not outcome of the proverb “To big to fail”. It reflects traders' passion for huge risk and gains, as well for some, it is an opportunity to “adapt” to the new US financial regulations.

Yesterday was the next in row pleasant surprise which LEHMQ made. Shares spiked another 10.34% to close at $0.0640. The highest bid proposed was just one pips less than the 52 week high for LEHMQ noted at the end of the last October.

Maybe, not as pleasant as the price bounce of shares was the admiring trading volume, which exceeded more than eighteen times the daily average for the company.

All this happened on the background of the absence of any recent  done by Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. SEC disclosure. Last Monday, with the 8k filing done, LEHMQ announced that its Debtors filed with the Court a monthly operating report.

Though LEHMQ cautioned investors that the aforementioned report “was not prepared for the purpose of providing the basis for an investment decision relating to any of the securities of any of the Debtors, or any other affiliate of the Registrant”, shares were immediately rushed. After that followed the relative calming of LEHMQ.

LEHMQ_from the site1.pngOne week after the event, LEHMQ back again in sight of investor. This time, there were no announcements with official information, except inspiring stock alerts on LEHMQ and media's articles.

Reuters released that Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

may accuse Goldman Sachs Group Inc. of intentionally trying to delay delivering documents related to probe into market rumours, which could triggere Lehman's collapse.

On Tuesday, LEHMQ was included in the daily watch list of a stock promoter. Although the editor of the stock marketing newsletter is not receiving a compensation for the stock alert, the information about stated approximately 450 thousand shares, purchased out of the market looks, supported the big rally on LEHMQ.

It is difficult to predict what will follow today, but its good to remain investor, that usually stock rally forces shares' price to go up, followed by its scary landing from highs.

In 2008, Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. filed a voluntary petition for relief under the Bankruptcy Code. At present, the company's Debtors are operating as debtors-in-possession pursuant to the Bankruptcy Code. According it, shareholders - owners of the company, have the last claim on assets and may not receive anything if the claims of the so called secured and unsecured creditors are not fully repaid.

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pedrobrunocosta wrote: 10:49 am Jun 06, 2011
pedrobrunocosta wrote: 10:49 am Jun 06, 2011
pedrobrunocosta wrote: 10:58 am Jun 06, 2011
LEHMQ is a good investment for the future! The price is already to go up!
Guest wrote: 12:59 pm Jun 06, 2011
News about rumors do not exist. Its either a news or if it isn't, it is a rumor. You had better go to a doctor
and check your sanity before posting your ravings about LEHMQ on the web next time.