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By Annette Thatcher
Dec 04, 2014

LifeLogger Technologies, Corp. (LOGG) Continues Its Green Streak

LifeLogger Technologies, Corp. (LOGG) has been on a green streak in the past few days, gaining a total of 34% in price in six sessions, going from $0.50 to $0.67. The ticker's success has not been based on hype, as LOGG started its streak without any updates or press releases boosting the stock up.

The latest update from LifeLogger Technologies came out on December 2 in a press release. The company announced engaging the services of The Equity Group, Inc., an investor relations counsel. LOGG CEO Mr. Stewart Garner stated that this deal will help the company integrate its hardware and software services.LifeLogger Technologies, Corp. stock chart

While the company has been doing well recently, a more in depth look into LifeLogger Technologies' long term potential should still be done to help set the expectations for the penny stock. LOGG's latest 10-Q for the period ended September 30, 2014 accounts for the following:

  • Cash: $248.5 thousand
  • Total current assets: $265.7 thousand
  • Total current liabilities: $84.4 thousand
  • Revenue: $92 thousand
  • Net loss: $18.2 thousand

LOGG has managed to improve its assets, making for a decent amount and retaining a positive asset to liability ratio. The company has also increased its revenues, which are still exponentially low. The venture ended the last period at a net loss, albeit of less amount than in previous periods.

LifeLogger Technologies recently sought financing, selling 416,666 shares of common stock at a price of $0.60 per share for proceeds of $250 thousand in cash on September 24. Other than this instance, there have been no other financing deals LOGG has entered into in the past few months.

LOGGThe company increased its authorized share count pursuant to a forward stock split of 1 for 10, made in January of this year. The amount of LOGG stock increased from 8.1 million to 81 million shares of common stock as a result of this decision. Since then, the venture has only issued shares on one occasion in the above mentioned tranche in September.

While the lack of share issuance is a good tendency, we cannot know whether the financing was a one time event, or the company will need to seek financings at some point in the future. The general high risk nature of OTC penny stocks makes it necessary for due diligence to be made on companies such as LOGG before investing to avoid potential risks.

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